Deluxe Stitcher with offices in Chicago, IL and worldwide.

Deluxe Stitcher with offices in Chicago, IL and worldwide.

S2F8 Bindery StitcherS2F8 Bindery Stitcher

Metal Stitching, It's Fast, Simple, and Cost Effective. No other fastening method offers all the benefits of metal stitching: low material cost, low production cost, secure and permanent joints. When applicable, wire stitching is superior to conventional welding, riveting, threaded fastening and gluing methods. It saves on material costs, eliminates the need for pre-cleaning, pre-drilling and hole line-ups.

In addition to its low cost and simplicity, wire stitching is a HIGH STRENGTH fastening method. Because the stitch penetrates both joined parts, metal stitching is highly resistant to joint fatigue and vibration. Plus, stitches give warning when over-stressed... a visual inspection quickly detects insecure joints.


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